Glad to see you're making progress, even if it is just cleaning and fumigating. Amazingly, all the crap that came in my Scout actually belonged to it. In some cases, it proved helpful in seeing what the PO had been up to, and where to look for issues. For instance, after double and tripple checking everything after… » 9/16/14 4:53pm 9/16/14 4:53pm

No idea about the specifics on a Skyline, but most cars have a mechanical/electrical method for bumping up the idle when the AC compressor is engaged. If it fails, you will get exactly what you're seeing. Again, having never touched a Skyline, I can't even tell you if their solution is mechanical or electrical, but… » 9/10/14 6:55pm 9/10/14 6:55pm

I use Shell Rotella 15w40 due to the high zinc content and the flat tappets in my Scout. Honestly, if you're at all unsure of the condition of the seals, etc, you may wish to steer clear of the full synthetic. It does a great job of protecting all the moving bits and cleaning up the internals, but may dislodge crud… » 8/27/14 9:05pm 8/27/14 9:05pm